Amber’s Knockout Bridal Portraits

So you’ve spent all this time, energy, and effort picking your wedding dress. And let’s be honest: you’ve spent boatloads of money, too. It just doesn’t seem right that the only photos you take in it are on your wedding day. That’s why I love bridal portrait sessions. You get all glammed up without the pressure and stress of the big day. This means fun, beautiful photos that you can treasure long after that dress stops fitting. I had so much fun getting Amber ready for her bridal portraits. Her wedding was in Atlanta, but the portraits were shot here in Tallahassee (there’s another benefit: different backdrops!). She is a naturally beautiful bride and she was a joy to work with. Check out a few photos and then head over to J & J’s site for the whole gallery!

Photos: J & J Weddings

jj-weddings-119 jj-weddings-104