Why Melissa?

Because she's Tallahassee's best, of course! But here are some other reasons...

All Inclusive Rates

Once you book Melissa for your event, wedding, or production, you can check makeup off the list. Melissa comes equipped with everything she'll need for the day.

Have Brush, Will Travel

Melissa loves working on location and is available for clients outside of the Tallahassee area. Simply let us know where she's needed when you book!

Feel Like a Star

Whether you're a star or just want to feel like one, call Melissa. She's worked with celebrities to grandmas and makes every one of them feel special.

Melissa's Story

Melissa's Story

When Melissa was 5 years old, she discovered her mom's makeup case while no one was looking. After about 10 minutes in front of the mirror, she had discovered her calling. While mom wanted to be mad, she couldn't help but smile at the mess Melissa had created. Since that time, Melissa has learned how to color inside the lines and how to charm her way into your good graces- even if she's used all of your brand new $15 lipstick.

Melissa is a charmer by nature, which probably explains why she loves doing makeup so much. She is just as good at making you feel comfortable in a conversation as she is at making you comfortable in your own skin. She loves making people smile and knows just what shade of color (or joke) is needed to get the job done.

Her down-to-earth style means she can handle any situation. She has worked with everyone from celebrities to grandma and treats all of them as if they're about to go on stage. Melissa specializes in both high-definition airbrush makeup as well as traditional applications. She knows how to give the client the look they're going for and will be sure to make even your most stressful day a relaxing one when you're in the makeup chair.

What Clients Say

Take it from people who've sat in Melissa's chair.

You need a makeup artist with talent, experience, and professionalism. You need Melissa Peters.

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